First Training Northland, servicing Wellsford to Cape Reinga, is brought to you by husband/wife team Mark Judge and Kathleen Mulligan.  Both taught in secondary schools for almost 30 years, much of that in Auckland, before they escaped to gorgeous Northland.  Mark has years of experience as an outdoor educator and PE teacher, and has engaged in a ridiculous range of sport at national and international level: windsurfing, pole vaulting, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, white water kayaking, surf lifesaving, surfing, diving (and more but it is getting silly).  Kathleen, a music educator and conductor in her non-first aid life, also enjoys outdoor activities and fitness, from ocean swimming, yoga and mountain biking to snowboarding, tramping and weight lifting. 


They are proud of the exceptionally high quality of teaching they bring to their courses.  They have an ability to engage with their learners, and ensure participants feel safe and encouraged.  Their years in classrooms around NZ have enabled them to adapt to the diverse needs of Northland communities.


Laughter and smiles are definitely a hall mark of the pictures they take for their Facebook page.

“Excellent rapport with the staff, lots of fun, and good at communicating the information. As well as learning loads we all had a lot of fun together. This rapport was really important and made a big difference to the course because staff weren't excited about staying an extra 4 hours at work.”
- Patria,
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