First Training Northland, servicing Wellsford to Cape Reinga, is brought to you by Mark Judge.  Mark taught in secondary schools for almost 30 years, much of that in Auckland, before they escaped to gorgeous Northland.  

Mark has years of experience as an outdoor educator and PE teacher, and has engaged in a ridiculous range of sport at national and international level: windsurfing, pole vaulting, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, white water kayaking, surf lifesaving, surfing, diving (and more but it is getting silly). He is very  proud of the exceptionally high quality of teaching they bring to their courses. 

 Mark has an ability to engage with their learners, and ensure participants feel safe and encouraged.  His years in classrooms around NZ have enabled them to adapt to the diverse needs of Northland communities.   Laughter and smiles are definitely a hall mark of the pictures he takes for their Facebook page.