Advanced Emergency Care


Learning first aid is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or occupation and developing the
skills through a first aid certified course can be fun too, with the team at First Training.


Advanced Emergency Care, is intended for those working in high risk environments that have access to advanced first aid equipment, also people who live and work in remote locations. e.g. Surf Lifeguards, pool lifeguards, ski patrollers and outdoor education facilities. This course is advanced first aid training; for people holding a current first aid certificate, that want to increase their skills and knowledge to a higher qualification, for their work. This is an intensive, hands on course which will you give the confidence to apply your knowledge and skills, to deliver advanced first aid where needed.

In this three-day course, our in-depth lessons and scenario-based activities will give you:

  • The confidence and skills to use CPR, resuscitation, extrication techniques and immediate, advanced first aid assistance in any situation, especially in isolated locations.
  • Familiarity with common emergency care equipment, airway care, and respiratory support.
  • A chance to discuss special equipment and conditions specific to your workplace.
  • An Advanced Emergency Care certificate is valid for 2 years upon successful completion and we’ll send you a reminder that’s it time to revalidate.


To recognise and provide pre-hospital care where needed, including:

  • Scene and hazard management
  • Patient triage
  • CPR with equipment such as airway and oxygen equipment 
  • Use of an AED
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical or trauma conditions
  • Managing deceased patients
  • Moving patients/extrication methods


Five reasons to select us:
1. Hands on courses using scenario-based learning and interaction: promoting team building, where everyone gets involved.
2. Highly experienced facilitators at the forefront of the industry; able to deliver interesting and engaging content.
3. H&S compliant courses.
4. High degree of flexibility in terms of locations and timings, so we can suit your specific availability.
5. Unlike other First Aid Courses; our courses are not dull, they are fun and interactive, which makes the time fly.


Your course will leave you more confident in administering First Aid.

We are a NZQA Category One Provider


“Thank you, out of all the First Aid courses and Emergency Services I’ve been involved in, this course was
really informative - Highly recommend “

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our training options with your further.


Please contact us if you would like to make a booking at or call us on 0800-1st Aid


“Mark makes the course enjoyable and fun with his humour. His knowledge is incredibly thorough and he is able to make emergencies relatable through his situational storytelling.”
- Huanui College - FASE - June 2019, Huanui
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