First Training was established in 1997 to meet a growing demand for training and qualifications from people involved in outdoor employment, education and recreation.

This service has now expanded to include standard First Aid training and shorter courses, so that workplaces and community groups can meet Workplace Health and Safety requirements. First Training's team of skilled facilitators are experienced trainers. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years with outdoor instructing and guiding, with NZ Outdoor Instructors Association, Surf Life Saving, First Response and Volunteer Fire Service. They apply real experience and theory to bring the learning alive.

Our lead facilitators all have Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and NZ Resuscitation Council qualifications and we have an advisory panel made up of doctors, paramedics, educators and lay people to ensure our courses meet the Australasian Resuscitation Council Guidelines and standards.

First Training is NZQA registered and provides Health and Safety compliant courses. The NZQA Report of External Evaluation and Review found First Training Highly Confident in educational performance and capability in self-assessment on 15 February 2011, 29 September 2014 and recently in December 2018.

Our Philosophy

We believe that First Aid Training is an important, necessary life skill for everyone and we provide this training with hands-on scenario based learning, while having fun.  First Training's team of skilled facilitators are qualified, experienced trainers. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years through outdoor instructing and guiding, NZ Outdoor Instructors Association, Surf Life Saving. First Response and Volunteer Fire Service. They apply their real life experience in emergency care situations to theory, thereby increasing engagement and bringing the learning alive.


NZQA Self Review Report

First Training ensures that all deliveries of our courses align with the requirements set out in
the current Code of Practice (2021) as issued by NZQA.
As an NZQA tertiary training provider, we ensure that our Quality Management System also
reflects the 4 main requirements of the code
● Learner Wellbeing and Safety System
● Learner Voice
● Safe, Inclusive, supportive, and accessible physical and digital environments
● Learners are safe and well
We have completed the NZQA attestation Due Nov 2022 stating that we have well
implemented these requirements.
We encourage all learners to participate in a post assessment survey to enable us to reflect
on the delivery and outcomes of each course and implement any improvements as required.
All facilitators are experienced, qualified, and actively participate in on-going professional
development to enable us to ensure student achievement, wellbeing and safety.
Complaints - If you are not satisfied with the content or delivery of our course, please follow
our complaints process which can be found on your course registration confirmation email.


Pastoral Care of Tertiary Students

Our Goal: To provide and maintain a system that supports the wellbeing and safety of all
learners that responds to the diverse needs of our learners will in the end result in a high
level of student engagement and achievement.
Our Plan:
● Ensure there is pastoral support within the management, admin and facilitator teams
to meet or exceed the code of practice
● Regularly analyse the student data of Maori, Pacifika and disabled student to ensure
timely support and/or intervention if required
● Continue to obtain feedback from students and stakeholders and act on that
feedback in a timely manner
Our Outcomes:
● A safe and supportive learning environment
● Cultural inclusiveness and recognition
● Knowledge and understanding of the diversity of all students
● Strong relationships with stakeholders and students
● Adaptation of our training programme if required based on feedback