“Janka was a fantastic instructor, engaging, funny, knew her stuff.”
- Elim Christian College - FASE - May 2022, Auckland
“Mary was amazing, very engaging.”
- Northcote College - FASE - May 2022, Auckland
“I have attended several first-aid refresher courses; this had to be the best. Tash was very-well prepared and knowledgeable. Her wry sense of humour and sharp intellect added considerable value to the day. She responded to questions in a calm and purposeful manner. She was diligent in monitoring the different activities and if necessary would hold the attendees to account. Her professional approach was appreciated by all. Thank you for the opportunity to update and upskill”
- Kristin School - One Day Workplace - May 2022, Auckland
“We have used First Training before and our staff all had positive feedback about the training. We love it that we can do this training at our school without having to go to training centres. Our instructor Tash was amazing! Very friendly and made the course interesting and interacted well with everyone.”
- Marshall Laing Primary School - FASE - June 2022, Auckland
“Tash was a lovely instructor, very well spoken and kept things interesting.”
- Marshall Laing Primary School - FASE - June 2022, Auckland
“Karen was engaging, informed, friendly and professional so my experience was very positive.”
- Woodlands Park School - FASE - June 2022, Auckland
“Best instructor and First Aid course I have been on. An excellent session, thank you.”
- Kohia Terrace School - FASE - June 2022, Auckland
“Cam was an excellent instructor who taught in a friendly, humorous and direct way. He related well with everyone and he got the message across”
- Waihi College - 2 Day Workplace - June 2022, Waihi
“Even though she was young, Tash had a wealth of First Aid knowledge and experience. She was very good and accommodating and relevant.”
- Public Course - Outdoor First Aid - June 2022, Auckland
“Luke was absolutely amazing. His passion was passed onto us and I learnt so much. His teaching strategies allowed us to work together which enhanced our understanding of real world scenarios.”
- Piha SLSC - Surf First Aid - June 2022, Auckland
“Thank you, First Training! Our teacher-facilitator Tash is amazing and I had fun learning!”
- Manurewa Intermediate - 2 Day Workplace - July 2022, Auckland
“Throughly enjoyed the Course, it was practical, interesting and Cam was energetic and clearly passionate about first Aid. The day flew by and exceeded my expectations”
- Barfoot & Thompson - 1Day Workplace - July 2021, Auckland
“Great course, interesting, fun and knowledgeable presenters who deliver the material in an accessible way. Thank you!”
- Papatoetoe East Primary - FASE - Jan 2022, Auckland
“Karen was the best instructor I have ever had over my long teaching career. Very organised, to the point, nothing unnecessary, very knowledgeable.”
- Swanson Primary School - FASE - May 2022, Auckland
“Cam was awesome the way he ran the programme. Keep doing what you're doing. You guys help us to save some ones life. Thank you.”
- Nga Iwi School - FASE - April 2022, Auckland
“Tash did an amazing job, extremely knowledgeable & passionate about First Aid”
- Auckland Council - One Day Workplace - May 2022, Auckland
“Tash was AMAZING - first rate; best first aid course I've done. As a trained paramedic, she brought something better to the table than I've encountered on other courses. Also she is very passionate about first aid.”
- Auckland Council - One Day Workplace - May 2022, Auckland
“We got to experiment and practice with all the equipment, and saw real footage of injuries we may come across in our school environment as well.”
- Harrisville School - FASE - June 2022, Auckland
“Our instructor today Stan has got to be one of the best instructors I have come across!! He was warm, engaging & the pace of our course today was spot on. Thank you Stan! Please return to our school again to facilitate another FASE course in the future!”
- Te Kura Maori o Porirua - FASE - July 2021, Wellington
“Cam was such a great teacher! He was interesting, knowledgeable and connected well with all of us! Awesome work Cam!”
- Manurewa Intermediate - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
“I just thought Raki did an awesome job! I left the day feeling really confident that I know what do in an emergency situation and couldn't wait to share the knowledge with my family and workmates. I really think I could save someone's life or at least keep them alive until paramedics arrive.”
- Barfoot & Thompson - 1Day Workplace - July 2021, Auckland
“Mary was absolutely brilliant. She had outstanding communication skills. I would rank her the best instructor I have had. Loved the clarity and analogies”
- Red Beach School - FASE - Feb 2022, North Auckland
“Presentation was dynamic, engaging and humorous - thank you”
- Ranui School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
“Enjoyed the addition of video clips. Great that the forum was open for questions. People felt very relaxed on the course and safe to ask questions or to provide comments.”
- Papatoetoe East Primary - FASE - Jan 2022, Auckland
“Cameron was a fantastic trainer/facilitator for the day. Very informative and made it all easy to understand and helped us all.”
- Barfoot & Thompson - 1Day Workplace - July 2021, Auckland
“Zavanna was fantastic. She made the course very interesting and answered all of our questions.”
- Forrest Hill School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
“Cam was an excellent presenter, responded well to all questions”
- Auckland Council - 1Day Workplace - July 2021, Awhitu
“Raki the instructor was the best component; she was amazing, very knowledgeable, easy to learn from her.”
- Henderson High School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
“I really enjoyed the “props” for wounds - a great way to teach bandaging to stop bleeding. First course I’ve been to that had so much equipment to show and use.”
- Auckland Tramping Club - Outdoor First Aid - July 2021, Auckland
“I learn and pick up different things each time I do the course. I found this course was very interesting as well as informative and the trainer held my attention for the entire time.”
- Wainui School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland North
“Janka was a great presenter and seems to enjoy presenting such a course. She was well prepared and took the time to spend with people to make sure everyone understood. There was loads of practical included in the course which was fantastic”
- Auckland Tramping Club - Outdoor First Aid - July 2021, Auckland
“Loved her enthusiasm and zest for all things to do with the course. It was fun and we learnt a lot in an enjoyable, engaging way.”
- Forrest Hill School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
“Our school has always used First Training since we opened and will continue to use it because of the applicable content.”
- Sancta Maria Primary School - FASE - June 2021, Auckland
“Karen and Mary were fantastic instructors. It was so easy and very interesting to follow instructions. This was my first tine attending a First Aid course. I feel confident to implement what I learnt today from them. Thank you!”
- Farm Cove Intermediate School - FASE - June 2021, Auckland
“Hands on application, that helped refresh what could happen and how to respond.”
- Howick Primary School - FASE - June 2021, Auckland
“We really enjoy working with you and your team. One of our Managers wanted to commend Raki on her dynamic style of facilitating and the way she structured her lessons.”
- Electrix - CPR Refresher - June 2021, Auckland
“It's a hard crowd as it runs late at night and staff are tired, however they managed the group well with professionalism and fun. Thanks for making it possible to learn how to do first aid.”
- Hobsonville Point Secondary School - FASE - May 2021, Auckland
“Just a note of thanks for the organization and professional approach your team has shown us. Raki was amazing last night. She was thorough and could read when we needed to do practical activities, or theory.”
- Howick Intermediate - FASE - May 2021, Auckland
“I recently attended one your courses at Kristin School. Karen ran the course and was truly inspirational and very informative.”
- Kristin School - FASE - April 2021, Auckland
“I would like to thank Raki for our being an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable instructor yesterday. I have done many first aid courses over the years, and this is the first one that I've come away feeling like I would be an asset in an emergency.”
- Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School - FASE - March 2021, Auckland
“Thank you for presenting in such a practical and real way. Not only was there learning and practice but the training had an element of team building for our staff which was very beneficial.”
- St Joseph's Primary - FASE - March 2021, Pukekohe
“Awesome, a great balance of information and fun, engaging material.”
- St John's Theological College - 1Day Workplace First Aid - Feb 2021, Auckland
“Josh was excellent and his training was by far the best First Aid training experience I have had during my many years as a teacher. I was humbled by his excellence and also greatly amused as he was a fantastic story-teller. I am so grateful that humans like him exist in this world: the work he does is phenomenal.”
- FASE - First Aid in the School Environment - Jan 2021, Christchurch
“From the get go the training instructor, kept us all engaged; through his articulate, intelligent and informative delivery. He had the innate ability to change it up when and where required; to keep us all fully present in the moment. Joshua, thanks for an awesome day, I learnt so much.”
- NZ Welding School - 1Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“Hi there just wanted to say the course was great. I attended with my son and worried he would find it boring but Adam kept us all interested. Lots of breaks doing hands on exercises meant the day passed quickly. Well done first training, keep up the good work.”
- Public Course - 1 Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“One of the best courses I’ve done, and I’ve done a few! The focus on teaching and hands on practise made it super interesting. Thanks for a very worthwhile 2 days.”
- Auckland Council - Outdoor First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“Amazing instructor, respectful, knowledgeable, articulate and loads of humour, whilst maintaining his professionalism / Outstanding instructor who delivered a high quality, professional course and kept the energy levels high through his engagement, Ngā mihi nui”
- NZ Welding School - 1Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“I went to my first aid training today by Adam of First Training and as I expected, it was AWESOME. We had blood spurting out of our fake injuries haha and Adam was the most engaging trainer I could imagine - with huge real life experience to match all his knowledge. Being someone who has literally fought to stay awake in other courses... The best first aid training I've ever done - by far! Will be recommending to all, thank you Adam!”
- Public Course - 1 Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“First aid went extremely well. Was really pleased with Adam; he kept the day fun and exciting and all the ladies really enjoyed themselves.”
- Little Poppy's Preschool - 1Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“Adam did a great job engaging us and imparting his knowledge in a clear concise way. Because he was so experienced his stories were interesting and relevant. Thanks Adam!”
- Auckland Council- Volunteering & Programmes - 1 Day Workplace First Aid - Nov 2020, Auckland
“Excellent course well run. Made something that is usually a bit of a chore fun and engaging.”
- Breens Intermediate - FASE - Nov 2020, Christchurch
“Thanks so much, it was really a great course, everyone is raving about it today”
- University of Canterbury - OFA Refresher - Nov 2020, Christchurch
“Josh was absolutely great and feedback from the teachers was that he was professional, approachable, informative and funny. The time went really fast.”
- Brooklyn School - FASE - Oct 2020, Wellington
“I really enjoyed this training. It was well organised and delivered with professionalism, humour, expertise and in a way that was clear and easy to understand.”
- Sommerville Special School - FASE - Sept 2020, Auckland
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of Pukekohe Hill School. The presenters and course content were fantastic.”
- Pukekohe Hill School - FASE - July 2020, Auckland
“Thank you for your prompt service and excellent training. The instructor's training style was engaging and knowledgeable.”
- Complete Garden Maintenance - One Day Workplace - May 2020, Auckland
“Mark makes the course enjoyable and fun with his humour. His knowledge is incredibly thorough and he is able to make emergencies relatable through his situational storytelling.”
- Huanui College - FASE - June 2019, Huanui