Outdoor First Aid differs from urban-based first aid in that it may necessitate care of a patient for long periods before help arrives. It also means that access to specialised equipment may be unavailable and that improvisation is needed. Handling an outdoor first aid situation may also require a good understanding and practical application of accident management.

  • Our Outdoor First Aid Refresher is a one day, 8 hour, practical, hands-on, scenario-based course.
  • Participants will require a current valid Outdoor First Aid certificate, in order to complete the Refresher course.
  • It equips participants with the skills and confidence to manage an emergency where medical help and assistance may be several hours away.
  • This course satisfies standard Health and Safety Workplace requirements as well as outdoor leadership requirements NZIOA.


The course will consist of a mixture of instruction, facilitated discussion and outdoor scenarios.     Scenario-based learning involves working with other people, both patients and team members, and then debriefing what happened.

Our learning and teaching is interactive, so expect to get involved, whether it be in group discussions, practicing on each other/or dummies, or in mock scenarios.

Scenarios are designed to maximise learning - not to show you what you don't know. Practical assessments will occur during the course.