Restart A Heart day

Posted by Johanna Verheijen on September 19, 2018

Restart a Heart Day - Together we can save lives

Only one in ten survive a cardiac arrest. We can beat that, and that's what World Restart a Heart Day is all about.

I'd like to make sure you know how you can help make the day successful this year.

On October 16th, thousands of resuscitation trainers around the world will take part in a coordinated effort to teach life-saving cardiopulmonary skills to as many people as we can.

As always with these international calendar events, we here in New Zealand have the privilege of being first in line.

Restart a Heart Day was first observed in Aotearoa last year, with events taking place in such places as Auckland, Wellington, Masterton, Christchurch. 


“Presentation was dynamic, engaging and humorous - thank you”
- Ranui School - FASE - July 2021, Auckland
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