Thankful mum

Posted by Johanna Verheijen on July 06, 2018

I received this from one of my daughters antenatal group friends, who attended a baby CPR /choking course she arranged.

Hi Jo,

hope you are well! Just needed to flick you a message and thank you for your time last year (and Rebecca for organising) for the first aid course! Unfortunately I had to use those skills today, as Eddie was choking on a piece of apple and I was only seconds from calling an ambulance as he couldn't breathe or hold himself up at all as he gasped etc, it was the most horrible and frightening thing to go through. I do first aid every two years with work, but it was great having it really specific on babies / toddlers with you. I had given Eddie a few back blows and nothing was changing, and then remembered you saying that you really have to give them a good thump, much harder than you think you need to, and so I did, and after a few big ones, he thankfully started vomiting and then crying and came right! It was horrendous, but im so very grateful for your time, wise words and what you taught us, and to Rebecca for organising! Just wanted to pass that on! Lots of love, Annalies & Eddie xxx
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Yeah it was horrible, i was so scared to give him dinner, but he was fine and straight back to normal after it all happened, and we had both come right again! Thanks again!! Xx

“Just a note of thanks for the organization and professional approach your team has shown us. Raki was amazing last night. She was thorough and could read when we needed to do practical activities, or theory.”
- Howick Intermediate - FASE - May 2021, Auckland
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