Part 2: Reasons why you should attend Outdoor First Aid training

Posted by on November 14, 2017

Part 2: Reasons why you should attend Outdoor First Aid Training- Getting prepared

So, you're heading for the hills with a group and the boss has assigned you to be this "First-aider." You've done a specialised outdoor first aid course and recall the opening lesson on the importance of preparation. Time to get ready. But where to start?

In this article we provide some guidance on the preparatory phase of providing medical care in a remote environment. While many organisations such as schools and sports clubs have formalised risk assessment procedures, we are frequently asked: "What should be in my kit," and "how do I plan for disaster?" Time spent preparing is time seldom wasted, even if the risks seem minimal. Remember, relatively small, insignificant injuries or illness can become a big deal when you're far from home and help. Taking the time to get your head around the medical status of those in your party and adopting a mind-set of "plan for the worst...hope for the best," might mean the difference between a well managed incident and chaos.  

Pre-Trip Medical Screening

The extent to which you screen party members for medical conditions is largely governed by the environment you're heading into, the trip duration and the proximity to medical care. For example: a weekend trip across the Tongariro Crossing versus a 7 day trip to Borneo we would recommend a more thorough screening process for a trip to Borneo. It might for example include screening for potential dental issues and immunisation status, whereas this level of screening maybe overkill for a trip across Mt. Tongariro.

Here are some things to consider:



“Waikowhai Intermediate holds camps each year and it was thought that the Outdoor First Aid course was the best for the teachers involved in this - office staff have always joined in on the Outdoor First Aid course, it seems to cover everything we need at school and more. I would definitely recommend this course, have done many over the years (refreshers) but found yesterday one of the better refreshers.”
- Jennifer,
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